• Prometic Life Sciences

    Prometic is a global biopharmaceutical corporation supplying state-of-the-art technologies for bioseparations, developing its own best-in-class orphan drugs, plasma-derived therapeutics and small-molecule therapeutic products targeting unmet medical needs in the field of fibrosis.


Prometic's core competencies are centered around understanding the fundamentals of healing, tissue/organ repair, inflammation and fibrosis, and the interrelation with diabetes, all of which represent large unmet medical applications.

Plasma Resources

Prometic Plasma Resources is compassionate about saving lives. With every donation collected at our centers, we are able to contribute to the creation of potentially life-saving products that would otherwise not be available.


We can offer both standard 'off the shelf' adsorbents and bespoke adsorbents, which can be designed to meet specific purifications/manufacture criteria. We now also supply a range of 'semi-disposable, bioprocess columns - Evolve™ Bioprocess Columns.