Protein Technologies

Technology for Prion Capture and Removal of Pathogen

P-Capt FilterProMetic’s Pathogen Removal and Diagnostic Technologies (“PRDT”), an affiliate of PBL based in Delaware, USA, is responsible for the development and commercialization of the prion capture technology platform that originated from ProMetic’s collaboration with the American Red Cross. PRDT’s technology forms the basis of the P-Capt® filter, a prion reduction device developed with ProMetic’s commercial partner MacoPharma to increase the safety of red cell concentrate. P Capt® has received CE mark approval in Europe, and can provide national blood agencies with the means of significantly reducing the risk of Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (“vCJD”) transmission through blood transfusion. This is particularly relevant since there is no commercially available diagnostic test for detection of the blood-borne form of vCJD. PRDT’s technology also forms the basis of the PrioClearTM range of prion binding affinity resins. PRDT has applied its proven affinity technologies to the design and development of a panel of affinity adsorbents that enable the highly effective capture of prion from a range of biological materials. The PrioClearTM resins are used commercially to increase the safety of blood and blood derived products.

Aa an example, PRDT technology has been incorporated by Octapharma AG into its manufacturing process for OctaplasLG®, a solvent/detergent treated plasma product to further improve the prion safety margin for this plasma product. OctaplasLG® has obtained regulatory approval in several European countries (including Germany and the UK), the United States of America and Australia.

PRDT’s platform technology has demonstrated its potential for additional uses in the purification of blood-derived products. Upwards of forty million units of blood are collected in the world annually, affording ProMetic and its partners enormous market opportunities.

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