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2016 - Q3 Quarterly Report

Prometic reports third quarter 2016 highlights and financial results
- Acquisition of Telesta Therapeutics adds $37.4 million in cash and short-term investments to $39.0 million balance reported at end of Q3
- Investment in commercial & manufacturing infrastructure ahead of plasminogen commercial launch included in R&D expense
- Plasminogen pivotal clinical trial results performed at 100% response rate meeting primary and secondary end points in plasminogen deficient patients
- Primary and secondary endpoints met in clinical trials in metabolic syndrome patients
- 2016 YTD revenues of $12.3 million vs. $10.5 million for same 2015 period


Annual Report

Annual Report 2015

Building a company to bring safer therapeutic products.

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Prometic Corporate Presentation January 2017

Experts in bioseparation, plasma derived and small molecule drugs.

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