Our Work In Canada

Prometic Life Sciences is a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Laval, Canada. Prometic was originally established in 1988 as a commercial spinoff from research at Cambridge University in the UK, at that time Affinity Chromatography Ltd (ACL) was developing ligand technology that has become the backbone of our plasma protein purification process. This award winning technology called for the requirement of Prometic’s first manufacturing operations in Canada to produce and supply agarose beads which act as the base matrix for the bioseparation technology. Our manufacturing plant in Joliette has been producing up to 10,000L batches of beads every year with plans to increase our production capacity to 40,000L in the near future to support the organisation’s growth.

Soon after Prometic made it’s IPO on the Montreal and Toronto stock exchange the corporation entered into multiple partnerships with the Swiss and American Red Cross. The success of these projects were imperative in developing the organisation as a canadian pharmaceutical company and ultimately driving our proprietary manufacturing platform for the generation of plasma-derived biopharmaceuticals (PPPS™). The organisation has been progressing with R&D on multiple drug candidates focusing on a growing number of indications in the area of small molecule therapeutics as well as plasma derived therapeutics.

The Small molecule therapeutics segment is comprised of two operating subsidiaries, one of which; Prometic Biosciences Inc. (PBI) is based in Laval, Quebec which operates the Small Molecule Therapeutics Segment for Canada and performs research and development activities on behalf of Prometic Pharma SMT Limited (PSMT), based in Cambridge, UK. The key focus for the R&D here is to develop promising drug candidates such as PBI-4050 and to independently pursue commercialization activities for rare or orphan indications for the North American markets and possibly partner or out-license rights to commercialize same in other territories.

Our Plasma Derived Therapeutics segment uses plasma collected from our very own plasma collection facility in Canada. Our first plasma collection centre opened its doors in Winnipeg in 2014 and has the capacity to collect 20,000 litres of plasma per year. We are looking to expand our plasma collection capabilities to include a second collection centre in the near future. You can find more information on our bioseparation technology on Prometic Plasma Resources website.

Over the last 30 years Prometic has grown considerably with 8 sites in Canada alone. Our work in Canada spans research and development, plasma collection, manufacturing and corporate administration at HQ in Laval.