Our Work In The UK

Our presence in the UK spans back to 1984 when Prometic first acquired Affinity Chromatography Limited (ACL), a small biotechnology business. Since then ACL has become Prometic Bioseparations Ltd (PBL) and we have grown our UK office’s to over 100 employees with a big focus on R&D and Production.The manufacturing plant for Prometic’s bioseparation products is on the Isle of Man where the manufacturing team can produce batch sizes of 1,000L with a manufacturing capacity of 35,000L per year making Prometic one of the largest manufacturers of affinity chromatography adsorbents in the world.

Cambridge, UK is home to our Mimetic technology which is fundamental to our patented purification process. What started as the innovative ‘Mimetic ligand’ technology soon developed into a range of bio-separation tools which now span over 100 products including a range of chromatography columns and accessories. The work in Cambridge focuses on research and development for our protein purification products and services and houses our R&D, Chemistry, Tech Transfer (TT), Assay and Product Support teams.

The Product Support & Development (PSD) Group is dedicated to providing full technical support, advice and information for PBL’s existing products, as well as supporting the development of new applications for existing products. PSD have been instrumental in establishing the Prometic Bioseparations disposable column range and are continuing its support and development.

The TT team steps in when development of a new product is complete, the Technology Transfer team is responsible for taking the new process to manufacturing. TT team members will make the first small demonstration batch of the new product to ensure that the process steps have been transferred correctly. The TT team will then scale-up the new product to the required manufacturing batch size and oversee the first 3 production batches to demonstrate process reliability.

Cambridge is also the base for Prometic Small Molecule Therapeutic’s in Europe, the clinical trial and business development functions of the company focus on the development of our small molecule therapeutics such as PBI-4050 in the European market.

You can find more information on our bioseparation technology on Prometic Bioseparations website.